Cheap Gaming Keyboards Under $50: Do you Need One?

The best gaming keyboard is necessarily important when we are concerned with the PC gamers worldwide. Anyone who is akin to playing PC games knows the necessity of equipment that is needed to run the gaming interest parallel to its experience. Just to drive the essential thoughts down, cheap gaming keyboards happens to be one of the many significant types of equipment. With gaming enthusiasts, keeping an eye to grab one compatible gaming keyboard, we have listed down the necessity to opt for the budget gaming keyboards under $50.


Cheap Gaming Keyboards Under $50: Does it Even Make a Difference?


The fact is, all the regular keyboards which are being used on a daily purpose, are not meant to serve gaming peripherals. In that case, every gaming enthusiast needs a keyboard which is designed for gamers to explore the hyped-up gaming universe. But that’s not the ultimate case. If you belong to the non-regular gamers, our recommendation is to buy one, as budget gaming keyboards are not just confined to gaming purposes but also, you get to experience the luxurious gaming world by purchasing a keyboard with adjustable macro keys or more. If you consider yourself to be one among the rest who prefers soft keyboards, you might take a glance at the cheap gaming keyboards under $50.


Buying a gaming keyboard needs a lot of surveys. And surely, if you make a good research on going through the buying guide of budget gaming keyboards, you may come across the keyboards featuring membrane key instead of the mechanical ones. One who faces the unresponsive condition of an old keyboard might get their hands on the gaming keyboards that are far better than the infuriating and old ones. Sure, regular keyboards carry a lot of disadvantages with it, and that’s why you need to grab one of the babies in order to carry forward with customization. For pro PC gamers, the best gaming keyboard will offer a dream game clubbed in with a brilliant experience.


Wrap Up


Several gaming keyboards are present in today’s digitalized world. While the Rii RM400 LED Gaming Keyboard offers a DPI adjustable mouse, we have the HAVIT Rainbow Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard with an excellent compatibility and a budget mouse. Some more are on the list such as TeckNet Gryphon LED, the Pictek gaming keyboard and more. In the end, we ask you to convey you queries or questions regarding the cheap gaming keyboards under $50, if you have any. Do let us know.




NBA 2K18: Probable Game Play & Wish List

The NBA 2K franchise has already become one of the popular sports game among the video game universe. It had become a huge success in the year of 2010 when NBA 2K11 made the legend Michael Jordan as its ambassador. From that day onwards, NBA 2K series never looked back.


Recently they have announced the release date of their upcoming NBA 2K18 which will be on 19th September 2017. The cover star is also officially release by NBA who is another Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal. No doubt, this time it will be bigger, better and with more realistic gameplay.


Gamers have already started to speculate about the new feature and gameplay of NBA 2K18. We have compiled all the probable gameplay, features and Wish List that could be there this time inside NBA 2K18.


NBA 2K18: Game Play & Features


It is quite obvious that this time NBA 2K18 will provide better visuals and richer contents. There will be more realistic touch in the game which was missing in the previous ones. Also, there will be a huge improvement in game playing, and the game engine would be smoother due to the implementation of new and advanced technology.


  • My Career Mode: -My Career Mode is quite a success for these types of sports games now. This time with NBA 2K18 there should be no exception either. In NBA 2k18 My Career Mode, one can create their own players according to his/her choice. Then he/she can provide necessary attributes as per choice. One can increase the capabilities of these customized players so that they can perform at their best against any team.
  • My Manager Mode: - This one is also a famous playing feature of NBA 2K series which is very popular among the gamers. In My Manager Mode, one can manage the whole team throughout the season both strategically and financially. There is no reason that this time in NBA 2K18, the franchise is going to drop this feature. So this is quite in in the upcoming NBA 2K18.
  • VR Compatibility & 4K Resolution: - The new trend in the gaming world right now is implementing the Virtual Reality and 4K resolution. So hence we can assume that in NBA 2K18, we might see the incorporation of VR technology and also it should be available in 4K resolution.


NBA 2K18: Wish List


  • Women Players: - As a sport, Basketball has become quite popular among women, and we have seen enough women players around. So as an NBA fan we can expect women teams in the all-new NBA 2K18.
  • Off the Court Activities: - To make it more real, the NB franchise can incorporate this feature. Once a gamer wins a tournament and earns a lot of money, he/she can decide where to party and which home to buy for oneself.
  • Post -Match Interview: - To increase the engagement of the gamers and analyze more on the gameplay, NBA 2K18 could incorporate a feature of detail post match interview.
  • More Customization: - There are a lot of options of customization already. But we want more like deciding hairstyle or tattoos etc.


Xbox 2 will Radically Redesign the Familiar Aesthetics

Microsoft being tech giant has not only introduced some great phones but also laptops, desktops and of course tablets. The American company is also actually known for another device which happens to be a gaming console, and it is called the Xbox 2( The first ever Xbox or the original console by the company was manufactured and launched in the year 2001, and since then the name that the console has earned is commendable actually.


During those times (2001) people were not actually that aware of a console, and when Xbox took the front seat, the gaming fanatics went gaga over the console. The original Xbox was sold in a massive unit as several people actually got their hands on the console and the ultimate figure of its sale was impressive. Since then there was certainly no looking back for Xbox as well as Microsoft. The console had a tough competition with the Sony Playstation, in fact, they still face quite a stiff competition from each other. In 2005, Microsoft rolled out the Xbox 360 which yet again became a hit venture by the company as the console received great responses from the gaming fanatics. Be it the outlook or the features, everything about the Xbox 360 were well received, and yet again the console got sold into countless units which was certainly once again impressive.


The Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 gave each other a great competition and people were highly impressed by the Xbox 360 though some of them liked the features of the Playstation 3 as well. The Xbox One in 2013 became yet another successful venture of the company, and again it sported awesome facilities for the gaming fanatics who were waiting to get their hands on the awaited console. All the gaming consoles manufactured by the company Sony has been garnering first-rate responses, and now the speculations of the Xbox 2 are actually at rife.


Xbox 2 is envisioned to feature deluge of first-rate features, and even the design of the device is certainly going to be revamped. Therefore, we can witness a rework in the design of the Xbox 2 to a great extent. However, with the release of new gadgets, the features are certainly getting advanced, but along with that even the size or the width of the gadgets are getting smaller.


Therefore, could the Xbox 2 sport an even more, sleeker and also a slimmer outlook when it hits the gaming world? It could be possible to a great extent. The processor of the previous gaming console by the Microsoft was premium certainly, and we can envision a huge development in the processor of the Xbox 2 as well.


More Info:


The CPU and of course the GPU of the Xbox 2 is surely going to be reworked, and some people and also sources say that the console might actually the very first gaming console to feature the experience of 4K gaming which will obviously attract people.


And this may be a huge reason for the sale of the console when it launches.




Borderlands 3 to Launch After Arrival of Bulletstorm Remaster?

The last game in the Borderlands Series came out in 2012, some four years ago. It’s given that fans are impatient and on the verge of giving up hope. Although not much have been revealed about the third installment, there are rumours coming in now and then like fresh wind of hope. It is being believed that Borderlands 3( will be announced after the release of Bulletstorm remaster.


Last year, Gearbox had teased they were going to announce something regarding the game at the Game Awards, but the event came and went on December 1, the studio remained mum about the title. Instead they spoke of a collaboration they’d made with People Can Fly and remastered “Bulletstorm: Full Clip.” Now that, that’s out of way, fans believe that now is the time when, the studio can finally concentrate on developing Borderlands 3.


Moreover, Randy Pitchford from Gearbox Software announced on Twitter that they have formed a new studio named Gearbox Quebec that’ll be working on a new untitled game. Fans believe that the game would be none other than Borderlands 3. The title remains a mystery as the studio refuses to give any insight into the title. Moreover the release of the game is unknown but it’s most likely going to be launched in this year.


Another good reason for Gearbox to start focusing on Borderlands 3 is that the studio’s last launch, Battleborn did not perform the way it was expected. The title lost to other new titles from rivals like Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch and Hi-Rez Studios free-to-play Paladins. The title was very low on audience participation and active users. Although the game had potential, fans remain largely unimpressed. Now that Battleborn didn’t work, we are speculating that the second studio of Gearbox is planning on working on Borderlands 3, finally. The main studio can still work on other projects without having to concentrate to the development on Borderlands next installment.


There is a doubt whether the title will be called Borderlands 3. In an interview, Pitchford was asked about the game, to which he said: “And why would it be called Borderlands 3?” Later he added: “What if it’s Borderlands 4 – there are already three Borderlands games. What if it’s Borderlands 5? What we call it and what it is are things we care about, and we’re engaged about, but it would be irresponsible to share anything at this stage because almost certainly anything we’re thinking now is going to change between now and when we commit ourselves.”


For those who don’t know, Borderlands is an action role-playing first-person shooter video game that was developed by Gearbox Software for PS, Xbox, Microsoft Windows and Mac. The first title on the series was launched in the year 2009 while the second one came out in 2012, over four years ago. About time for Borderlands 3 to roll out. The series has been a huge hit, so much so that it was named 35th on IGN's Top 100 Modern Video Games list. By the end of December 2009, the title had sold over 2 million copies, which by February 2010, rose to 3 million. And by August 2011, the game had sold something around 4.5 million units all over the world. There’s no reason why the studio won’t be interested in developing the next installment.


PS5 is Not Launching in 2018, but Fans Are Holding Their Breath

Let’s face it: even with all the talks surrounding the Xbox Scorpio, the attention is on what the engineers over at Sony are planning for their next major console update. The PlayStation 5, or the, has been shrouded in mystery, but that has not dulled the enthusiasm to know more. And in that vein, every tech enthusiast has been trying to get hold of information about the PS5.



Sony officials, however, have maintained their smug silence and avoided giving out any specific information with roundabout answers. But in the wake of the latest proceedings, it looks like we may actually have some information. According to a latest report based on the conversations between a prominent publication and an unnamed source, the Sony PS5 will be a huge improvement over the eight generation consoles. While once again, the source did not quite provide direct answers, he seemed to indicate that the PS5 will be a much more powerful console than the ones we have so far. So it appears that not only will be pack in way more punch than the PS4 and the PS4 Pro, it will also up its game in comparison to the upcoming Xbox Scorpio console, slated for later this year.



From what this source had to say, it appears that the PS5 will house a discrete GPU instead of the APU that will power the Scorpio console. If that is indeed the case, then the new Sony console will be a wholly different ball game. Earlier too, we had gathered that Sony officials were critical about Microsoft’s claims about rendering true 4K. After Microsoft had announced that their console would be able to run native 4K with its 6 teraflops of power, Sony’s Mark Cerny had said that in his book, a minimum of 8 teraflops would be required to run native 4K in the truest sense. But this wasn’t perceived by the fans as a simple act of criticism, but as something of a promise for the PS5. With the latest revelation, it looks like they are really gearing up to deliver on that front.



However, the central question that has been plaguing fans and analysts alike is the one about the possible release date of the Sony PlayStation 5. As of now, many have speculated that the PS5 will probably be released in 2018, the year after Microsoft reveals their Project Scorpio for the world to behold. However, that does not seem to be the case. In the conversation referred to above, the insider said that 2019 might serve as a more plausible release window for the PS5. This makes sense, as we do not imagine that Sony is in a hurry to do anything. Waiting to strike at the right moment seems more to be their kind of move, and if the Japanese gaming giant is really planning a 2019 release at the least, it gives them a lot of time to fully develop and test out their console before unveiling it to the public.



In any case, we do not think we will learn anything about Sony’s upcoming console anytime soon. But 2018 could be an interesting year if the source above is right about the possible release date. So while an E3 2017 revelation seems unlikely, we may see an announcement at the same event next year.  


Check out the 6 Confirmed features & the release date of FIFA 18

With the evolution of the gaming industry, people have developed themselves technologically. Not only for the purpose of entertainment, but gaming world has become a serious mode of earning as well. With two of the most speculated gaming installments, 2017 will witness both NBA 2K18 as well as FIFA 18 release. Here we are going to narrate about those confirmed features that have been revealed to come with the upcoming football-based video game, FIFA 18. Further down you will get all FIFA 18 feature related information.



FIFA 18: 6 Features confirmed to be coming out with FIFA 18


The FIFA franchise is going to witness new team styles with the new FIFA 18. Hopefully, the CPU sides would be taking advantage out of it; that’d add more diversity to the offline gameplay. What’s better highlighted is the improved tactics alongside enhancing players’ positions. Gamers would be happy with the positioning enhancement as it’d definitely troubleshoot some technical glitches that FIFA 17 had.


2017 will also witness the power of Frostbite engine with the unveiling of the FIFA 18; this would improvise the presentation of the game in a broader way. With FIFA 18, fans would witness a better and overhauling crowd alongside the spontaneous commentary. It’d add significant immersion to the match day experience of FIFA.



With developed personalities, FIFA 18 will witness players behaving in a more authentic way both on and off the ball. EA Sports has also highlighted Ronaldo’s signature sprint as well as Sterling’s unique turns and also technique implemented by Griezmann. Overall, an enhanced individuality will be added to the finest players.



Dribbling mechanics in FIFA 17 was quite unbalanced, appropriately in the online situations. With due respect to fans, developers have designed a better dribbling for later in 2017 that’d inject creativity into those 1v1 situations. Hopefully, this overhaul will be paid off.


Once more, ‘The Journey’ will be followed by the tale of Alex Hunter. That journey which debuted last year in FIFA 17 is set to be feature more star-studded names along with varied locations as hinted by the trailer. Unfortunately many wanted to witness a feature of creating players, but Alex Hunter’s journey remains to be far off.



Unfortunately, ‘The Journey’ wouldn’t make its way to Nintendo Switch, but there’s always a good news behind, i.e. the Ultimate Team will! Some features such as Online and Offline seasons, Squad Building Challenges along with FUT Draft will be available in docked mode at 1080p as well as portable modes at 720p.



Wrap Up… FIFA 18 ( will be available in three different editions. First the Icon Edition with 40 FIFA Ultimate Team Jumbo Premium Gold Packs, Cristiano Ronaldo FUT loan player for 5 matches and more. Second, we have the Ronaldo Edition where gamers are offered with Cristiano Ronaldo FUT loan player for 5 matches along with 20 FIFA Ultimate Team Jumbo Premium Gold Packs and more. Last we are available with the Standard Edition; thereby offering gamers with five FIFA Ultimate Team Jumbo Premium Gold Packs, Cristiano Ronaldo FUT loan player for 5 matches and more. In conclusion, we can say, FIFA addicts check out every possible rumor that’d be offered, as we are heading closer to FIFA 18 release, which has been touted to get released worldwide on the 29th of September this year.


Here is Why We Are Hopeful for Uncharted 5

If you are an Uncharted fan and have played all the games right up to last year’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, then you must be wondering what is in store for the series after this. Speculations are rife about the raging question if there will be an Uncharted 5 game at all, but it looks like all official answers lead to a dead end for now. However, if we take a close enough look, we will see that the possibilities are all right there, and developer Naughty Dog is aware of that.



To begin with, Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann has said many times over that he does not see Uncharted 5 as a possibility, at least for now. It is true that the devs are super busy right now and have their plates full until next year. They already have the DLC turned standalone expansion for A Thief’s End, titled Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, coming up this year. Alongside that, there is the sequel in the works for 2014’s breakout survival horror game, The Last of Us 2, coming up in 2018. The latter was announced in late 2016 during a time when it was still in its initial stages of development, which means that studio will remain focused on The Last of Us 2 until it comes out. There are also those who believe that the conclusion to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End also served as a conclusion to the story arc of Nathan Drake. However, while we agree on that, we refuse to believe that there are no further arcs to be explored within the main story that cannot be studied in depth.



Take a look at The Lost Legacy itself, and you will see what we mean. The upcoming expansion explores a different arc, but one that is not altogether detached from the main story. For fans would immediately recognize Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross from the earlier games, and these are the two characters at the center of the new story. So while there will be no Nathan, there will be a completely developed plot, as well as beautiful new locations to explore in the new game. And the fact that Naughty Dog finally went on to make a fully fleshed out standalone game from The Lost Legacy which was originally planned as a DLC means that they definitely saw the potential of exploring other arcs within the story.



This brings us to the possibility of Uncharted 5. We know and understand that it is physically impossible for Naughty Dog as a relatively small studio to plan a new main entry in the series alongside another capable project. Druckmann has also made it crystal clear that he does not see another Uncharted game in the future with Drake at its center. But at the same time, he has stated that the potential of the series to be explored further does not evade him. While that is the only silver lining that we can find among all that he has said about Uncharted 5 right now, we think there might be a chance for us to get a new Uncharted game with some other protagonist leading the way through the adventurous quests sometime in the not too close future. In that spirit, we would like to stay hopeful about Uncharted 5 release. And we really hope we get to see more of Cassie Drake; perhaps she can be our new treasure seeker too.  


WWE 2K18 Might Include New Match Types

Followers of video games always keep an eye on what’s cooking about the game that is going to be released in the coming days. And talking about games like the WWE 2K Series, the fans are always aware of what’s happening in the real life counterpart of the game. In accordance to what’s happening in the real world, the gamers also expect those things to make an appearance in the virtual gaming world as well. With a close tap on that, we have come up with few things that the WWE 2k18 is going to add when it officially releases before the end of the year 2017.


The first thing that is going to see a change is definitely the playable characters. In the gap of one year between the releases of the two editions of the game, there are a number of changes take place in the original versions of the game. Few players retire, few get injured, and few even get suspended. And a change in the roster is something that is expectedly going to take place.


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Coming to the changes that might take place on the roster of the WWE 2K18, it can be said that there are going to few new additions besides exclusions. Among the ones who are going to be excluded, we have Alberto Del Rio, Booker T, Lita, and Stardust. Among these only Alberto Del Rio will be removed on the ground that he has been suspended for some violation off the ring and will not feature in the original sport as well. But the other three popular characters are going to be missed because all those characters have announced their retirement and won’t feature in the real-life WWE as well.


While these players are going to be missed, players like Bobby Roode are definitely going to come in. The fans would love to see that and keeping the demand of the fans the developer of WWE 2K18 2K Games should include all this character. Not only Roode, but few additions are expected to be made in the Women’s section as well, and Ember Moon is the prime contender to take the place of the newcomer in the women’s section. Other than that, Andrade Almas and Roderick Strong are also going to make an appearance according to the fans as well as the experts.


Besides the changes that are going to take place in the roster of WWE 2K18, there are a number of new additions that are definitely going to come in as far as the types of games are concerned. Women’s wrestling has taken some giant leaps in WWE over the last few years, and that should be reflected in the virtual game as well. And that is why there is some development in the women’s wrestling is a must. That can happen in the form of Career Mode. The women characters are available to the gamers on DLC Packs, but those remain unplayable when it comes to character mode. So this is something the gamers would really like to see coming in the WWE 2K18.



It is still a long way before we can see the game hitting the market. Before that, a number of things might happen that will surely change the course of the building up of the game. So keep an eye on that and stay updated regarding the WWE 2K18.

'Tekken 7' News Developers Detail Story Mode, Other Gameplay Changes Included Upcoming Fighting Game


Tekken 7 is a fighting video game and it is developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Everybody knows about the famous Tekken series and this is the ninth installment of that game series. In Japan, Tekken 7 had a limited colonnade release in March in the year 2015. The latest and upgraded version of this game was Tekken 7: Fated Retribution. It was published in Japan in the year 2016, July and this time the game expanded its content adding new stages, items, characters and new clothes design. The same genre is also planned to be disclosed for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One in June 2017.


Fans of this action game are expecting something large from the “Tekken 7” home version. Developers of this game are trying hard to fulfill those expectations by adding some interesting changes in gameplay.


Firstly while playing this game the story mode gave by the developer will change as per expectations. The game director Kouhei Ikeda, speaking recently to IGN shared that new game mechanism has been applied in Story Mode so that all characters that players will be asked to control while going through and it will be easier to manage the game.


During the event, Bandai Namco will announce new game details though it is not sure till now.  But still there is a chance for all gaming fans will know more about the EVO 2017 which is a similar game of fighting.


Due to a post by Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb on his official website now "Tekken 7" are available for the Xbox One consoles and you may download and also pre-digital orders now.


"Tekken 7" pre-order bundle will include the game itself according to Major Nelson. For a limited time, gamers can acquire "Tekken 7" on the console and accept "Tekken 6" and which is playable now on Xbox 360, or Xbox One via Backward Compatibility.


Ikeda also shared to reveal more about the Story Mode that this will be mainly based on the battle among Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima. Ikeda said that new visual and gameplay rolls have been established so that the players can easily follow what is going on the game if they don’t even comprehend the complex combat taking place.


These Rage Arts are not just visual additions and it is worth nothing though they also matter a lot in gameplay.